Neil Marshall, BIG ASS SPIDER! Contest Judge known for "The Descent"

Born in Newcastle, in the North of England, NEIL MARSHALL first began making films at the age of 11 with his best friend Michael Johnson (who has since gone on to write Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes') and a Super 8mm camera. Driven by a love of all things cinematic, Neil went on to film school at Newcastle Polytechnic in 1989, graduating in 1992. He worked for the next 8 years as an editor, during which time he continued to write and develop his own projects.

Neil's debut feature DOG SOLDIERS (2002) was released by Pathe in cinemas across the UK to outstanding reviews and healthy box office. This 'soldiers vs werewolves' horror/comedy has since gone to gain a strong cult following in the UK and US.

“The most explosive, brutal and purely enjoyable horror debuts since the Evil Dead” - Total Film

Neil’s second feature, the critically acclaimed and award winning THE DESCENT (2005), was released, again by Pathe, in 2005 in the UK and by Lionsgate (on over 2000 screens) in the US in 2006. The Descent went on to win the Saturn award for best horror film, the BIFA award for best director, and the EMPIRE award for best horror film among others. Horror website, Shock ‘Til You Drop named The Descent the No1 horror film of the decade.

“The best horror thriller since Alien.”

"With deft direction and strong performances from its all-female cast,
Neil Marshall has masterfully created a spelunking nightmare,
which doubles as a compelling meditation on morality, vengeance,
and the depths to which we might go for survival."

Up next was the ultra-violent post-apocalyptic action adventure DOOMSDAY(2008) produced by Rogue Pictures, and released through Universal in the US and UK.
“Doomsday is a gloriously savage representation of a period of filmmaking we don't see much these days. The "f**k it all, throw it all in there!" battle cry of a filmmaker who wants to put his inspirations on the screen and quicken a few pulses in the audience.”

“Neil Marshall has mixed up all of his favorite movies, taken the lid off his creative volcano, and let rip with an explosion of violence, genius, action and pure fun.”
“This movie is bugnuts!” - Harry Knowles

His most recent film, CENTURION (2010), was an historical adventure set in Roman occupied Britain in 117AD and based upon the mythical disappearance of the Ninth Legion. It was released theatrically by Pathe in the UK and Magnet in the US, before topping the dvd charts in the UK and going on to be Magnolia's biggest ever VoD title in the US.

"Centurion offers riveting storytelling, gorgeous cinematography and scenery, loads of gore, and a politically complicated history lesson.”

“A gorgeous, gory, and admirably no-nonsense action movie. John Ford would approve.”

“Marshall has continually proven himself to be one of the most reliable contemporary creators of kick-ass genre movies around.”

Marshall is currently developing several projects including a WW2 alien invasion movie and another original horror script.